Bharti Singh’s ordeal: Bharti Singh reveals, ‘The show coordinator used to touch inappropriately, earlier if I did not have courage, I could not even speak’


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Bharti Singh recently became a part of Maniesh Paul’s podcast. During this, Bharti made revelations related to her life. He told that the coordinator used to misbehave with him while participating in some events. Many times he was forcefully touched.

Bharti said, ‘When all this happened to me, I did not feel good, but I used to think that the one who is doing this to me is of my uncle’s age, so he cannot do wrong. Maybe I am thinking wrong and she is right. But then I used to think that no that person is doing wrong, but I could not say anything about it because then I did not have the confidence to fight but now it is not so. Now I can say what is the matter, what are you looking at like this, go out we are changing clothes. Now I speak openly but earlier I didn’t have that much courage.

Bharti did not get father’s love

In this interview, Bharti had shared only one pain related to her life. She had said, ‘In my life there was only my mother, there was no father, when I was two years old, he died. I have not even seen him, nor do I have any photo of him in my house, I do not allow him to put any picture in the house. My sister and brother have got father’s love but not me. But I did not even get the love of my brother because everyone was busy in their respective work. Now after marriage, when I got the love of my husband Harsh, then I understand that no boy takes care of you or how does he do it.


childhood spent in poverty

Bharti’s childhood was spent in extreme poverty. In an interview, Bharti had said, “I belong to a middle class family and we are three siblings. My mother got married at the age of 17 and you will not believe that by the age of 23 she will be three. She had become the mother of the children.”

“I lost my father at the age of 2. That’s why I don’t have any memory related to him. Mother chose the path of struggle for us instead of getting married again. Most of my childhood was spent in poverty. Older siblings We used to spend our day and night in getting food and a safe roof for us. Sometimes we had to sleep after eating only half our stomach.” Talking about Bharti’s family, her brother Dheeraj Singh runs a general store in Amritsar. While elder sister Pinky Rajput has also settled in Amritsar itself.

Married to Harsh Limbachiyaa

Bharti married writer Harsh Limbachiyaa in 2017. Bharti is 7 years older than Harsh. Both of them had chosen each other as their companions after dating for almost 7 years. Harsh wrote the dialogues of ‘PM Narendra Modi Biopic’. Apart from this, he also wrote the title track of the film ‘Malang’.

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