Athlete missing from Tokyo Olympic-training camp: Ugandan 20-year-old athlete missing after Corona test, was practicing in Osaka


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9 Ugandan players reached Japan on 19 June.

The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics are preparing to deal with the challenges of the Corona epidemic. Meanwhile, he was faced with another problem. A 20-year-old Ugandan athlete has gone missing from a training camp in the Japanese city of Osaka. There are allegations against the organizers that they are not paying attention to the athletes due to their busy preparations for Corona. The name of the missing player has not been made public.

Information given by fellow players
Nine Ugandan athletes were training in Osaka. His corona test was done on Friday. After that the athlete disappeared. His fellow players informed the organisers. The local administration is looking for him.

24 hours monitoring was not happening in the hotel
Athletes are generally monitored continuously during events such as the Olympics. But, this was not happening in Japan yet. It is also not known whether the athlete himself went missing or there was an accident with him.


1271 cases of corona came from Tokyo on Friday
The government of Japan is on the target of local people due to the Olympic event amid the Corona epidemic. On Friday also 1271 new cases of corona were reported in Tokyo. On Thursday, 1308 new cases were reported there, which is the highest number in the last 6 months.

Ugandan team came on June 19, one member also came positive
These 9 players from Uganda had reached Japan only on 19 June. Then one of them was found to be Corona positive. He was immediately quarantined. The remaining eight members of the team were sent to Izumisano on the west end of Osaka, where their training camp is located. A few days later, another member of the team was also found positive. Both of them have come negative and their quarantine has also ended. He had been practicing since July 7.

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