American doctors made a breakthrough in the field of brain science: a man who was unable to speak for 18 years, started talking with the help of a computer after an electrode transplant in the brain


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  • The Person Was Unable To Speak For 18 Years, After The Electrode Transplant In The Brain, Started Talking With The Help Of Computer

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After the electrode transplant, this person was able to speak his mind.

Doctors in San Francisco, USA have made a big breakthrough in the field of brain science. Doctors transplanted electrodes into a man’s brain speech area. This person is suffering from paralysis for 18 years and was unable to speak. After the electrode transplant, this person was able to speak his mind.

Not by the tongue, but by signals sent from the brain to the computer screen. These signs turned into words on the computer screen. The story of this research was published in the ‘New England Journal of Medicine’. This will help those patients who have lost their ability to speak.

According to doctors, the 38-year-old from San Francisco was paralyzed after a car accident at the age of 20. The team of doctors transplanted a rectangular sheet of 128 electrodes into the brain speech area of ​​the five. This sheet was designed to detect signals from speech processes involving the mouth, lips, jaw and tongue. It was connected to the computer.


This work took 81 weeks and 50 sessions. After this, the five were asked to try to speak 50 common words of their work. These words included hunger, music and computers. The five said in the first complete sentence- ‘My family is out.’ Melanie Fried, professor of neurology at Oregon Health and Science University in the US, says that – ‘This success is much more than we thought.’

Engineer and graduation students prepared the system

Engineer David Moses said – ‘We created a system that translates brain activity. It normally simply controls his vocal tract. It is made by Engineers and Graduation students.

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