Afghanistan’s campaign against Taliban begins: Vice President Amrulla Saleh’s allegation – Pakistan is giving air aid to Taliban and warning to Afghan


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  • Vice President Of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh’s Allegation – Pakistan Is Giving Air Aid To Taliban And Warning To Afghan

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The picture is of Chaman district of Pakistan. Here Taliban supporters are holding rallies carrying Taliban flags.

The Afghan army on Friday started an operation against the Taliban on the Pakistan border. Afghan soldiers clashed with Taliban fighters in Spin Boldak district. Boldak’s trading routes, markets and military posts were captured by the Taliban on Tuesday. The Afghan army is trying to free them. On the other hand, Afghanistan’s Vice President Amrullah Saleh has accused Pakistan of helping the Taliban.

Saleh said- ‘The Pakistani Air Force has warned the Afghan Army and Air Force not to try to remove the Taliban from Spin Boldak district. If tried, Pakistan will answer it in the form of strict action. Not only this, the Pakistan Air Force has also given air support to the Taliban in some areas.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said- ‘Saleh’s allegations are unwarranted. We have taken necessary measures to protect our soldiers and people under our jurisdiction. To this, Saleh said- ‘Pakistan has been keeping Taliban on its soil for 20 years. But tells the world that it does not have extremists here.

The picture is from the Spin Boldak district of Afghanistan, where Taliban terrorists are partying in the customs office.

The picture is from the Spin Boldak district of Afghanistan, where Taliban terrorists are partying in the customs office.


Taliban kills deputy governor in Kapisa province
The Taliban killed Aziz-ur-Rahman, the deputy governor of Kapisa province, in an encounter on Friday. Earlier, reporters present at the scene of the encounter in Boldak district said that dozens of Taliban fighters were injured, who are being treated in a Pakistani hospital. It is known that there is a direct route from Boldak to Balochistan. Top Taliban commanders have camped in Balochistan. From here, Taliban fighters are recruited for Afghanistan.

Indian External Affairs Minister Jaishankar meets Afghan President
External Affairs Minister of India, S Jaishankar meets President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani in Tashkent. After this Jaishankar said- ‘We reiterated our support for peace, stability and development in Afghanistan’. On the other hand, Ghani’s office said that Jaishankar told him that India would continue humanitarian aid to Afghans. He will send 1.50 lakh tonnes of wheat. India will continue to work to strengthen regional consensus in support of Afghanistan.

America will take along those who help the army
Here, civilians who helped American soldiers fight the Taliban are now worried about what the Taliban will do to them after the army leaves. Regarding this, a senior US official said that those who helped us in fighting the Taliban, we will drive them out of the country with our soldiers. He said- ‘For those who are already in the process of getting special immigration visa, flights will be started from Afghanistan from the end of July.’

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