Actress’s tragedy: After Shagufta Ali, senior actress Savita Bajaj became a victim of financial crisis, said – my family does not want to keep me, I need help


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  • After Shagufta Ali, Senior Actress Savita Bajaj Became A Victim Of Financial Crisis, Said My Family Does Not Want To Keep Me, I Need Help

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Recently, actress Shagufta Ali complained of financial constraints, after which she is getting support from many people of the industry. After this, Savita Bajaj, who has now appeared in many films, has revealed that she is a victim of financial crisis while narrating her ordeal. The actress got infected with Kovid a few months ago, due to which she had to be hospitalized for about 22 days. Now she had to be admitted to the hospital again due to shortness of breath, after the treatment, now all the money of the actress has been exhausted.

Recently, while narrating her ordeal, Savita Bajaj told E-Times, I was having trouble breathing and I don’t know how I will manage it. I intend to return the money as soon as I get work, but due to ill health, I am not in working condition at the moment. Unfortunately I don’t have anyone to take care of me. 25 years ago I had decided that I would move to my hometown Delhi but no one in my family wanted to keep me. I have earned a lot and helped many needy people but now I need help.


The actress further said, despite being in the industry for many years, I do not have my own house in Mumbai. I live in a kitchen and room house on rent in Malad. I do not want to take help from anyone but it is getting difficult for me to manage now.

79-year-old Savita Bajaj has appeared in 50 films and many TV shows like Nukkad, Maika, Beta Ho To Aisa in her acting career.

Have taken help even before the Association of Actors

The actress has told that in the year 2016, she has received Rs 1 lakh as help from Writers’ Associations and Rs 50,000 from CINTA Cine and TV Artistes Association for hospitalization.

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