Action if university courses do not suit the job market: If job is not found even on the claim of employable course, higher fine, higher education regulator warns – do not exaggerate the grading of students for prestige


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  • If The University Courses Are Not Compatible With The Job Market, Then If The Job Is Not Found Even On The Claim Of An Employable Course, Then The Higher Education Regulator Warned Do Not Exaggerate The Grading Of Students For Prestige

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If educational institutions are charging exorbitant fees from students, then their accountability should be fixed.

UK universities and higher education institutions will no longer be able to play with the future of students. The country’s higher education regulator Office for Students (OFS) has warned that institutions that fail to tackle “Mickey Mouse degrees” and grade inflation will face hefty fines. Not only this, if the Vice Chancellor could not prove the credibility of his course and he did not meet the demand of the time, then he would also be punished.

Apart from this, more strict action will be taken on running such courses, in which jobs are not available even after promises. Britain’s education regulator is independent and has powers to punish those institutions. Which diminishes the importance of first-class degrees by giving more grades to a lot of people. In fact, a study by the UK’s Institute of Fiscal Studies found that students who go to average performing institutions earn less than non-graduates. Lord Wharton, chairman of the OFS, says the qualifications offered by the university must be trustworthy to the public.

He said that when educational institutions are charging exorbitant fees from students, then their accountability must be fixed. According to Wharton, institutions should not give higher grades than reality just for the sake of prestige. In fact, OFS was receiving frequent complaints from students that the benefits of some courses were not as promised. The resources required for the course were also not available. At the same time, dissatisfaction over transparency in evaluation of students added to our concerns. Therefore, the regulator has made up its mind to take a tough stand.


The OFS has clearly stated that institutions that do not take these issues seriously can be removed from the list, as well as their recognition can also be derecognised. With this, students will not be able to take education loan. This will directly affect the funding of the university.

Proposal to fine Rs 5 crore or equivalent to 2% of the income of the institution

OFS has paid Rs 5 crore on the university with such course. or offered a fine of 2% of their earnings. According to studies conducted by OFS, there is a job crisis after courses like International Business Strategy, Golf Management Studies, Surf Science, Celebrity Journalism. In 2019, Pok Wong, a student at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, filed a case against him for not getting the promised job after graduating in International Business Strategy. He got Rs 62 lakh as a settlement.

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