4 days away from Earth Trouble: A meteorite three times bigger than the Taj Mahal will pass close to the Earth; China’s proposal – send rockets to change its path


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  • NASA Asteroid Warning 2021; Asteroid Three Times Bigger Than Taj Mahal To Pass Close To Earth

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Space is in discussion these days. The reason is the space tourism of Virgin founder Richard Branson and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Meanwhile, another shocking news related to space is coming out. NASA has said that on July 24, a meteorite body will pass near the Earth. Know, the important things related to this interesting incident …

Which meteorite is it and at what speed is it moving?
NASA has named this meteorite ‘2008 GO20’. It is an Apollo class asteroid. Its size is about three times as big as the stadium, that is, the Taj Mahal. It is moving towards the earth at a speed of 18 thousand miles per hour i.e. 8 kilometers per second.

How close will the asteroid pass to Earth?
NASA says that when this asteroid will pass on July 24, its distance from Earth will be 0.04 AU i.e. 37 lakh 18 thousand 232 miles. Its distance from the Earth can be understood in such a way that the Moon is 2 lakh 38 thousand 606 miles away from our surface. That is, it will pass through a much greater distance than the moon.


Is there a danger of an asteroid colliding?
Not according to NASA. He says that there is nothing to panic. In any case, this meteorite body is not expected to come closer than 26 lakh 5 thousand 509 miles. However, even in this situation, NASA has called it an NEO object, that is, an object close to Earth. China has proposed that if the danger of this meteorite hitting the Earth increases, then large rockets should be sent into space, so that its path can be changed.

Is this the only asteroid, or are there more?
According to NASA, by July 24, asteroids like 2021 NE, 2019 AT6, 2019 NB7 and 2014 BP43 will also pass around the Earth, but there is no danger from any.

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