18 times smaller crystal than TCS, Infosys campus, Incredible IT Park only gave equal employment to both companies | Crystals 18 times smaller than TCS, Infosys campus, Incredible IT Park gave equal employment to both companies


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  • 18 Times Smaller Crystal Than TCS, Infosys Campus, Incredible IT Park Only Gave Equal Employment To Both Companies

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From land, employment to business, small campuses are giving competition to elders

  • IT expert said – due to work from home and highrise multi, there is no need for big campus anymore

TCS and Infosys got a total of 230 acres of land on the Super Corridor 9 years ago and only 5,200 people have been able to get employment from such a large campus. On the other hand, crystal IT Park built in only 8 acres and Incredible IT Park built in 5 acres together have more than 5 thousand people working.

There are offices of more than 40 IT and related companies here. That is, equal people of both companies are working in the campus 18 times smaller than the campus of TCS and Infosys.

Appointing an agency for measuring the land: Collector

Collector Manish Singh has asked both TCS and Infosys to measure through the machines of the campus. In this, it will be seen that how much area has been constructed, how much space has been built, how many roads have been built and whether other land has also been used? There will be an agency for this. Investigation in-charge Pratul Sinha told that IDA is appointing Napati’s agency. After that all the work will be done.


16 months continuous work from home, yet business increased

According to the management of IT companies established in Crystal IT Park, due to Corona, now the trend of large campuses in the IT industry is coming to an end. Offices of about 30 companies established in Crystal IT Park are closed since Kovid period i.e. March 2020 and all employees are work from home.

Even after this, the business of the companies has increased. At the same time, due to the lack of land, now the campuses in the cities are moving towards high rise. Crystal and Incredible IT Park both are great examples of this, which have offices up to 6 storeys. The government is working on the plan for another high rise third IT park in the same complex.

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