14 Phere: Recalling a get together scene during the film, Vikrant Massey said – Seeing Gauahar Khan in her real look, my heart skipped a beat


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  • Recalling A Get Together Scene During The Film ’14 Phere’, Vikrant Massey Said– Seeing Gauahar Khan In Her Real Look, My Heart Skipped A Beat

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Actor Vikrant Massey said during an interview that his heart was really beating when he saw actress Gauahar Khan during the shooting of his upcoming film ’14 Phere’. He recalled an incident that happened almost a month after the shooting of the film and called it a trolley shot. Vikrant and Kriti Kharbanda are in lead roles in ’14 Phere’. Gauahar and Jameel Khan are also in important roles. Directed by Devanshu Singh, the film will release on July 23.

Gauhar Khan will be seen in prosthetics in the film

Vikrant explains, “On the first day of shooting for our film, we were shooting for a train sequence at Kamalistan Studio. Gauhar was in prosthetics for that sequence, so gradually we got used to seeing her in that dress, Although we know that she is a young and beautiful woman. One day, we were shooting together for a get together scene at a house in Mud Island and it was almost 20-25 days of shooting. For that scene Gauahar was not in the getup and she came on the sets as the beautiful Gauahar Khan.”


Seeing Gauahar, Vikrant’s heart stopped beating.

Vikrant further explains, “I was just sitting there when she came to me from behind and then my heart stopped beating. My heart actually skipped a beat because my brain had created an image that she was Mother. She was Zubina. But when I saw Gauahar in her true form, my heart thumped because she was so beautiful. It was like a trolley shot for me.”

Vikrant will also be seen in Love Hostel

Gauahar is playing the role of Vikrant’s fake mother Zubina in the film. The film follows the characters of two lovers, Vikrant and Kriti, who lie to their parents about each other’s families so that they can say yes to their marriage. Vikrant was last seen in the Netflix film Haseen Dilruba. His upcoming projects include Shah Rukh Khan’s home production film ‘Love Hostel’, Hindi remake of Malayalam film ‘Forensic’ and action-thriller film ‘Mumbaikar’ directed by Santosh Sivan.

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