World Bicycle Day 2021: Know why and when World Bicycle Day is celebrated, what are the special messages


Eco-friendly, cheapest and better mode of transport for our health is cycle. The bicycle is one of the amazing discoveries in history. It is durable, clean, reliable, economical, accessible, simple to transport and easy to use. Apart from that, there is also a better way for people suffering from type 1 and type 2 diabetes to stay fit and healthy. According to experts, cycling has great health benefits for people of all ages. In the midst of the corona virus epidemic, it is important to mention that cycling has once again proved its usefulness as a better mode of transport. Even commuters who use bicycles regularly agree that cycling saves time and the hassle of traffic jams. There is a separate line for cyclists in most cities of the world.


Why is World Bicycle Day celebrated?
Increasing cycle use means lower greenhouse gas emissions – Cycling contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions because it has a natural zero emission value.  

Special Message on World Bicycle Day
Bicycle is an economical transport and does not pose a threat to the environment. Through him the society is in a win-win situation. Happy World Bicycle Day!

Why drive a car when a bicycle is your go-to! Happy World Bicycle Day!

There is no better means of commuting without harming the environment than the bicycle. 

The world will be a healthier place if we adopt cycling in our daily routine.

When we prefer cycling over other medium, we not only stay fit but also stay healthy.

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