What things will have to be paid attention to deal with Corona third wave?, know expert opinion


New Delhi: The second wave of corona epidemic is not over in the whole country yet, but the market for discussions of the third wave is hot. It is not possible to predict when the third wave will come. But what kind of preparation should be done, it can definitely be considered. According to doctors, man power can play a big role in dealing with this wave. When the corona epidemic started, it was a unique experience for everyone. In the first wave of corona disease, there was a shortage of masks, sanitizers etc. In the second wave, there was a severe shortage of oxygen cylinders, beds in hospitals, due to which many people lost their lives.


Should manpower be increased in hospitals? In response to this question, Amit Goyal says, it is very important that manpower should be increased in hospitals. We know the conditions under which health workers are working. The way the disease has reached the village, the health workers who are already there by giving adequate tests should be told. When to refer to hospitals, how to treat the patient.

Dr. Ritu Saxena, head of the emergency department at Delhi’s LNJP Hospital, told IANS, the government should immediately increase the ICU beds in small and big hospitals. Preparations should not be done only in big hospitals, but small hospitals will have to prepare for their level. At the same time, preparations have to be made for Kovid treatment in these hospitals.

If the third wave comes, then we can get doctors from other hospitals to work here. Health workers will have to be given training for this kind of Kovid treatment. Training to operate ICU beds will have to be given. He said, the way fire safety training is done, on the same lines, doctors, nurse security personnel in the hospital should be trained for Kovid. This will make it easier to deal with the wave. Everyone should be used

Manpower, equipment will be required and oxygen will play an important role. At the same time, home isolation of children cannot be done in any way. Because children will not be able to tell what is happening to them. Symptoms come in children and hospitals do not have arrangements for the treatment of children. Which is very important to do.


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