War again: the secret operation of the Israeli intelligence agency; Killed 3 Palestinians – two of them were intelligence officers


Tel Aviv/Jerusalem4 minutes ago

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Tensions between Israel and Palestine have escalated once again. According to media reports, the Israeli army and intelligence agency have conducted a secret operation. 3 Palestinians have been killed in this. Two of these were intelligence officers. The operation was carried out in the Israeli-occupied West Bank city of Genin on the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday. So far Hamas has not commented on the incident. If one of the slain officers becomes his member, he will try to retaliate and this will increase the risk of war again.

who are the people killed
According to ‘Al Jazeera’ TV channel, the death toll could be more than three. So far, the names of three people who have died have come to the fore. Two of them were military intelligence officers of the Palestine Authority. Their names are Yasil Alawi and Taseer Isa. The name of the third is Jameel. Apart from this, one officer is seriously injured. A video of this incident is also being claimed to have surfaced.


civilian vehicles used
According to the report, Israeli agencies used civilian vehicles instead of military vehicles for the operation. The attack was carried out when Palestinian spies and some soldiers were leaving for a mission in a vehicle.

The funeral procession of those killed was taken out on Thursday. Thousands of people attended it. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s spokesman said – Israel’s move could prove to be very dangerous for the region. Israel’s intelligence agencies are continuously conducting operations.

Two news related to Hamas
Hamas has not yet spoken openly about the operation carried out in Israel’s West Bank. A spokesman said the Palestinian government was harming Gaza fighters by giving Israel information about us.

On the other hand, a military commander of Hamas reached the Al Jazeera channel office on Wednesday. Here he presented an award to the Al Jazeera team for their support in the recent war.

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