Vividness is heavy on age: At the age of 95, the couple got married, said – if we have even 5 years left, then why not spend this time together


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  • At The Age Of 95, The Couple Got Married, Said If We Have Even 5 Years Left Then Why Not Spend This Time Together

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Morrow and Schultz Jr., holding hands among their great-grandchildren.

  • Joy Morrow-John Schultz of New York decides to live together

Joy Morrow Nalton (95) keeps a diary, but she still can’t remember the date of her first lunch date in New York with John Schultz Jr. But now both are together. On May 22, both of them got married. He also celebrated his birthday on the same day. Joy says, ‘If we are still 5 years old, why not spend this time together.’

Joy’s son John Morrow says, ‘The two look good together.’ Both Joy and Schultz were born in May 1926. After spending 60 years of marriage, both the spouses passed away. Both currently lived alone in their respective houses. Ms. Morrow lives in Tilson, New York, while Schultes lives in nearby Hurley.


Schultz retired in 2020 as an entrepreneur. Joy says, “We both knew each other for a long time and often met in public places. John is cheerful and knows how to impress others.

On the other hand, Schultz says, ‘She is cute and smart too. His sense of humor is amazing. When I talked to her about marriage, she just smiled. Their family is also very happy with the reunification of Joy and John Schultz. Morrow has three grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. While Schultz has 10 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

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