Vastu Tips-according To Vastu Shastra By A Pinch Of Salt How Can You Bring Happiness Wealth And Its Benefits


Vastu Tips: Where salt makes food tasty. At the same time, it removes poverty from the house. Home brings happiness and peace in the family. Makes the family members healthy. Wealth brings happiness and prosperity in the house. It maintains the flow of money in the house. Provided that salt is used according to the methods mentioned below. Let’s know these remedies related to salt.

House of away will be poverty: Once a week {except Thursday}, while wiping, mix some whole {stand} salt (sea salt) in the water. After that wipe it. By doing these tips, the poverty of the house goes away and negative energy gets destroyed.

House In made will remain Funds Of Flow: Mix a little salt and water in a glass glass and keep it in the southeast corner of the house and put a red colored bulb behind it. When the water in the glass dries up, put a solution of salt and water in it again. By doing this, the flow of money will remain in the house.


Funds Attainment And Barkat For: Put salt in a glass vessel and put 4-5 cloves in it. By doing this salt trick, the inflow of money will start in the house and its flow will be maintained. There will be wealth in the house. By doing this, where the aroma will remain in the salt, there will be no shortage of money in the house.

No Will happen family tribulation: If there is any rift in the house regarding family or between husband and wife or there is any kind of mental disturbance, then keep a piece of rock or standing salt in a corner of the bedroom, it will remove negative energy. Keep changing this piece of salt after a month. By doing this there will be peace in the house. The atmosphere of the family will be pleasant.

Freedom from disease: If someone in the house is suffering from any disease, then he should sleep with his head towards east and keep some pieces of rock salt in a glass bowl and keep it in one corner of the bedroom. With this trick of salt, your health will gradually recover.


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