Vaccine Incentive: Get vaccinated, get free ganja, know where such offer is being given


Also cash prizes from the lottery 
The use of hemp for entertainment has been legal in Washington since 2012. That is why such a campaign is being run here. According to the rules, people above the age of 21 who get vaccinated at any center in Washington will be given a packet of ganja along with the vaccine for free. Many states of America are making other similar offers to attract people towards the vaccine. Vaccination lottery campaigns are being run in the state of California and Ohio. Under this offer, cash prizes are being given through lottery among the people getting the vaccine, and scholarships are also being distributed through lottery. 

Airline tickets and beer are also being distributed 
Sports tickets in some states, airline tickets in some states are also being distributed. Even free beer is being distributed in some states on getting the vaccine. The state of Arizona was the first to start distributing free ganja. Independence Day is celebrated in America on 4th July. US President Joe Biden has announced that by this day at least 70 percent of adult Americans should have received at least one dose of the vaccine. 


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