Vaccination is the only weapon to eliminate Corona: Experiment in a Brazilian city – 75% of the population was vaccinated, cases reduced by 80% and deaths by 95%


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  • Experiment In A Brazilian City 75% Of The Population Was Vaccinated, Then Cases Decreased By 80% And Deaths By 95%

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The picture is of the Kovid-19 Vaccination Center in Senara City.

Deaths from Kovid-19 have decreased by 95% in the Brazilian city of Serana. The number of hospitalizations decreased by 86%. An 80% drop in patients has also been reported. And the reason behind this is the fast-paced vaccination campaign.

In fact, almost every adult has been vaccinated in Serana with a population of 45 thousand. The Coronavac vaccine developed in China is being installed here. The results of the experiment showed that if 75% of people were fully vaccinated, the epidemic could be controlled.


Ricardo Palacios, Director of Research at the Butanton Institute, said- ‘The rate of infection of children and young people who did not get the vaccine has also decreased. This experiment also showed that children do not need to be vaccinated to open schools.

The experiment was done by dividing the city into four parts.

To find out how long it will take to control Corona, the city was divided into 4 parts. Both doses of the vaccine were given to 75% of the population in the three divisions. Results were seen in 95% of adults after both doses. This experiment in Serana has given hope to eliminate Corona.

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