Under special contract with The Economist: Survey reveals – in America, those who did not vote in the 2020 election, will get the vaccine even if there is a reward


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  • Revealed In The Survey In America, Those Who Did Not Vote In The 2020 Election, They Will Also Get The Vaccine, When There Is A Reward

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According to the report, these people will get the vaccine only when they get a guarantee of a reward. Or be given a lottery ticket.


  • Conclusion of a joint survey report by British data analytics firm YouGov and “The Economist”

There are about 7 percent of voters in America who have not yet got the corona vaccine. Interestingly, these people did not even vote in the 2020 presidential election. cause? He did not see any direct advantage in both the works. According to a joint survey report by British data analytics firm YouGov and ‘The Economist’, these people will get the vaccine when they are guaranteed a reward. Or be given a lottery ticket.

According to the survey report, these are the people who are more easily misled. They can be seduced on the basis of money. It has been told in the report that still 40% of the people in America have not applied the corona vaccine. Whereas the government wants to vaccinate everyone. That’s why a survey was conducted to see if people could be prepared to get the vaccine by giving them any incentive or incentive.

According to them, 9% of the people who did not get the vaccine said that they would change their mind if they got a lottery ticket with a prize of $1 million. 13% said they would agree to the vaccine if they were guaranteed a $100 reward. There were also 17% of those surveyed who said that they would not get vaccinated.

According to the survey, many Trump supporters have not been vaccinated. Many of these said that they remembered Trump’s statement, in which he said that it is not necessary to vaccinate. On this basis, they still will not go to get the vaccine.

Reward schemes started, free cigarettes will also be available in reward

Interestingly, after the results of the survey were out, the governments of various provinces have started reward schemes. For example, a scheme has been made to give a reward of Rs 7,300 to encourage such people to get the vaccine. In Washington, the government has announced that it will give free pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes to those who are vaccinated against Corona. Last month, the state government gave Rs 7.29 crore to the people who got vaccinated. It was announced to give free lottery with a prize of Rs.

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