Under special contract with The Economist: Corona vaccination mandatory for admission in more than 360 major educational institutions of America


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The vaccine is mandatory for admission to more than 360 educational institutions in the US.

CBSE and many states have canceled the 12th board exams. The result will be declared on the basis of internal assessment. But those students are in dilemma, who have to take admission in Vidashi University. In such a situation, know what they should prepare for.

Will I have to get corona vaccination before traveling abroad?

Yes, if you are over the age of 18, you will have to get vaccinated on priority. The vaccine is mandatory for admission to more than 360 educational institutions in the US. However, large educational institutions in Canada, Britain and Australia have not implemented it. But it is possible that they will not give admission without a certified vaccine and certificate from WHO. In India the interval between two doses is fixed. States like Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka and Telangana have given some relaxation to students going abroad for studies. The central government is considering th is.


Do tests have to be done before going abroad?

Before traveling abroad, tests ranging from HPV to TB will have to be done. This has to be done before the visa is approved. Many countries demand it. Get these tests done soon from recognized health centers.

What to do with Visa?

There are certain conditions for going to any country. For example, the date of application of F-1 visa for America has to be secured. During this I-20 forms will be processed. This visa will require e-mailing the embassy with copies of the form. The F-1 visa does not allow students to arrive earlier than 30 days after the start of the course. So get enough information from the educational institution. Get in touch with the embassies as well.

The results are getting delayed and have to go abroad for studies, what to do?

About the delay in the results, write to the institution where you want to take admission. They can give you some tips, provided you can be sure that you have to enroll there. In case of no positive response, request your school administration to speak to the foreign institution. For this the school can send them a letter or e-mail.

This time too there is more fear of epidemic in foreign institutions?

This time the environment in foreign universities is safer as compared to the year 2020. Countries like the US, Canada and the UK have made adequate preparations for the safety of foreign students.

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