Under special contract from The New York Times: WHO claims – Despite sufficient vaccine, lottery and incentives in America, southern states lag behind in vaccine, risk of infection


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  • Adequate Vaccine, Lottery And Incentives In America, Southern States Lag Behind In Vaccine, Risk Of Infection despite WHO Claims

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States have far more vaccines available than the population. Despite this, vaccination is not increasing here.

  • Vaccination is declining in 8 out of 10 states, including Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi

Rick Rojas / Mitch Smith Despite adequate availability of corona vaccine and incentive programs, the southern states of America are lagging behind in corona vaccination. The World Health Organization (WHO) has claimed this. WHO said, ‘Eight out of 10 southern states of America have reduced vaccination. Among these, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi have the lowest vaccination rates. Due to this, the risk of increasing infection here is high.

However, in the southern states the health department has set up vaccine clinics in churches. The department has made arrangements to take people to the clinic. Health workers are going door-to-door campaigning for the need for vaccination. States have far more vaccines available than the population. Despite this, vaccination is not increasing here.

Dr. Jean Marazzo, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University of Alabama, said, “People may not realize how much infection can increase if vaccination is stopped. That’s why they are not supporting the vaccination campaign to go ahead. But they should understand that by being careless, we can reach the old condition.


Meanwhile, in cities like Appalachia, Birmingham and Memphis, mobile clinics, Facebook Lives and prizes are encouraging people to get vaccinated. On the other hand, the Health Department has also expressed concern about the delta variant (form) of Corona. This variant was first found in India.

Vaccinations are not being done even due to superstition: Experts have said that many people are not getting vaccinated because of superstition. Dr W Mark Horn, president of the Mississippi State Medical Association, said: ‘We don’t see the right solution to this problem. We don’t even have a magic bullet to fix it.’

Restrictions are being removed, so there is a danger in states with less vaccination

There has been a decline in new cases and deaths of corona across America. The ban on working in industries with masks has been removed. But now experts fear that infections could rise again in states such as Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. The special thing is that 50% of those who have been vaccinated have taken only one dose. Means complete vaccination has not been done.

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