Under special contract from The New York Times: 90 countries regretting getting vaccine from China, even after vaccinating more than half the population, corona is growing rapidly in many such countries


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  • 90 Countries Regret Taking Vaccine From China, Even After Vaccinating More Than Half The Population, Corona Is Growing Rapidly In Many Such Countries

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The picture is of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

  • Last week, more cases of infection were found in some countries where China’s vaccines are being administered.

Mongolia had promised the countrymen that this summer season will be corona free. Bahrain told its people that “normal life” would soon return. Seychelles was preparing to take the economy to the heights. But all these claims and promises appear to be false. Despite vaccination of more than half the population, cases of corona are increasing rapidly in these countries. In fact, relying on China’s Sinopharm and Sinovac vacc ines cost them dearly.


Seychelles, Bahrain, Chile and Mongolia have also outpaced the US in terms of vaccine development. In these countries 50% to 68% of the population have been vaccinated. But these countries have been in the top 10 in terms of increasing infection last week. It is not just about these four countries, about 90 countries have taken the vaccine from China and most are concerned about its effect.

According to experts, new cases of corona in these countries raise suspicion that Chinese vaccines are not very effective in stopping the spread of new variants. In such a situation, there is a risk of crisis like lockdown, testing and economic stagnation in these countries again. The biggest concern is that it will be difficult to persuade survivors to accept the vaccine.

Nikolai Petrovsky, Professor of Public Health at Flinders University in Australia, says it is clear that the effect of the Chinese vaccine in curbing infection is very low. In addition, there is a risk with these vaccines that even though people who have had the dose show few or no symptoms, the virus continues to spread from them to others. Virologist Jin Dongyan of Hong Kong University said that if the vaccine was effective, this would not have happened.

Apart from this, Chinese companies did not share data on how effective the vaccine is in stopping the spread of infection. The situation is such that now China’s CDC is saying that 85% of the country’s population will have to be vaccinated for herd immunity. Earlier this estimate was 70%.

716 new cases per 1 million people in Seychelles, four times increase in Mongolia

In Seychelles, which has 68% of the population with synopharm, 716 new cases are being received for one million people. Mongolia has given both doses to 52% of the population, but daily new cases have increased four times. Infection has also increased in Bahrain and UAE. Whereas after the vaccine to 45% of the population in the US, the cases have come down to 94%. Israel, which has vaccinated 57% of the population, is getting 4.95 new cases per 1 million people.

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