Under exclusive contract to The New York Times: In the family there are some introverts and some extroverts; Plan activities according to the nature of the members, satisfaction will increase and there will be no tension


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  • Some Introverts And Some Extroverts In The Family; Plan Activities According To The Nature Of The Members, Satisfaction Will Increase And There Will Be No Tension

One hour agoAuthor: Jessica Grosse

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Experts Suggestion- Talk to every member of the family, this will make them open up.

‘My husband is more social than me, he likes to hang out with people. Before the pandemic, both of us often argued about it, but the lockdown ended this problem. Because nobody could go anywhere. Now as the situation is returning to normal, we have started fighting again. Writer Suzanne Cain says that this problem is not just ours, there are introverts and extroverts in every family. In Gros’s family, the matter has reached the children. Younger daughter is like husband and elder daughter is like Jessica. There are such members in the family, so how to take everyone along so that there is no tension, understand from the experts…

Better to take everyone along, then no one will complain: Expert

Understand the priority of family, problems will be overcome
First of all, it is necessary to find out the nature of the people of the family. Take children only, see how they feel comfortable or uncomfortable when talking to others, keep an eye on it. Professor of Human Development at the University of Maryland. Kenneth Rubin says that judging family members may sound strange, but it solves the problems. their priorities are revealed. Will be able to connect with social activities. This will allow them to open slowly.


Involve introverted members in the discussion
Make sure to include extroverts, introverted spouses or children in the discussion, showing them that their opinion is also important. Suzanne says to do different activities to satisfy introverts and extroverts. Like, my younger daughter is taken by the husband to the park, while I and the elder daughter study at home. Everyone happy, no one upset. When the kids sleep, the husband goes to spend time with friends, while I complete the household chores.

Make a compromise sometimes, but show that you don’t like it
Often times the couple leaves the children at home. So that they can spend some time together. But it’s nice to have a friend to meet people. At the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Prof. Kristin Nicolini says that in such a situation, walk and have dinner according to the first plan. If the other partner does not want to go, he should return home alone. But make sure that this thing hurts. So that the other partner can also feel the feelings.

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