Under a special contract from The New York Times: If the household chores are divided equally, then there will be no disputes: the wife takes care of feeding the children, then the husband does the bathing


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  • If The Household Chores Are Divided Equally, Then There Will Be No Disputes: If The Wife Takes The Responsibility Of Feeding The Children, Then The Husband Should Take The Bath.

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In America, for couples who have children younger than 6 years old, women feed, feed and take physical care of the children, while men do the work of bathing them.

  • According to experts, by adopting these four ways, couples can improve coordination

In a run-of-the-mill life, the expectation remains that the spouse should contribute equally to household chores. It is difficult, but not impossible. For couples in the United States who have children younger than 6, women spend an average of 1 hour and 10 minutes a day on feeding and physical care. Whereas men just 27 minutes. But the situation in Jessica’s house is different from this survey of the US Labor Bureau. She and her husband devote equal time. She feeds the children and husband bathes her. For this he did not make charts or calendars. Discuss with couples like yourself and find out how they adjust. During this 4 ways came to the fore…

Women have to face opposition at work as well as at home, so husbands should take some more responsibilities.

1 Talk to each other when work balance is disturbed

If there is dissatisfaction over the division of work, then the couple talks amongst themselves. Inbal Ostern, mother of two children, says that I do not keep anything in mind. But you should also be aware of the workload on your spouse. On the other hand, Brigade Schultt says that she felt that her husband was not doing household chores, so she started going for a walk with her husband. During this every issue was discussed. Negotiations made their way.


2 Take time for yourself

Jacqueline and Josh Greenberg have children aged 11, 9 and 7 in New Jersey. The whole thing depends on the parents. There are responsibilities like taking him to the doctor many times, treatment at home. In this way annoyance starts. Jacqueline says, at such a time the other partner comes to handle the situation quietly. He is a freelance writer. Understand the importance of taking time for yourself. So she also prompts Josh to reset.

Compromise 3

Deborah and Devon Sandiford of Brooklyn have two sons. Whenever the doctor asked about the children, Devon would answer, Deborah would tell. But when it came to school responsibilities, Devon was alert. At the University of South Carolina, Prof. Jacqueline Wong says that women have to face opposition at home as well as in the workplace, in such a situation, if husbands take a little more responsibilities, then they will be at ease and balance will be maintained between the two.

4 Get help from technology

If the husband and wife face difficulties in sharing the work, then they can take the help of technology. Can create shared calendar. Josh Greenberg says that you can share the list of tasks on the app. This allows you to get alerts ahead of time. Jessica says we also made calendar, but it remained empty. She says that if the coordination is better then these things will not be needed.

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