Tomorrow Is Shani Jayanti Do Not Do These Work


Shani Jayanti is celebrated every year on Jyeshtha Amavasya Tithi. This time Shani Jayanti is falling on 10th June, Thursday. This day is considered very auspicious to get the blessings of Shani Dev and get rid of Shani defects in the horoscope. Some things should be kept in mind on Shani Jayanti. Actually, according to religious beliefs, it is forbidden to do some things on this day. Today we are telling you which things should not be done on the day of Shani Jayanti.

Don’t bother the poor and the weak
The grace of Shani Dev is not on those people who harass the poor, weak, helpless people. So always serve these people. Help these people as much as you can, not only on Shani Jayanti but every day. Along with this, one should also stay away from deceit and deceit.

Do not buy glass or iron articles
Never buy glass or iron things and bring them home on Shani Jayanti. Bringing these things in the house has to face difficulties. There is effect of Saturn on iron object and Rahul on glass.


Take these precautions while worshiping
One should never look into his eyes while worshiping Shani Dev. Due to this, their retrograde eyes can fall on you. While worshiping Shani Dev, one should always look towards his feet, from this he gets his blessings.

don’t do this
Meat, alcohol should not be consumed on the day of Shani Jayanti.

don’t even buy these things
Mustard oil, wood, urad dal should not be bought on Shani Jayanti. Hair or nails should not be cut or cut on the day of Shani Jayanti. Buying shoes, slippers has also been considered taboo. It is also forbidden to break Tulsi, Peepal or Belpatra on this day.

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