This Cheap, Oral Anti-inflammatory Drug Can Reduce Covid-19 Severity, Everything To Know


An affordable, readily available anti-inflammatory oral drug may reduce the risk of COVID-19 patients requiring hospitalization and, in some, death. Among the infectious second wave of corona virus, experts have made a big claim citing research. The corona virus usually enters the body through the nose, mouth, eyes and directly attacks the lungs, causing serious breathing problems.

Big claim on oral medicine against Kovid-19

Currently, a drug called colchicine is prescribed for the treatment of familial mediterranean fever, gout and pericarditis. The results, published in the scientific journal The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, revealed that the drug could be considered as a treatment for people at risk of complications. Let us tell you that Familial Mediterranean Fever is a genetic disease, in which there is frequent fever along with swelling in addition to abdominal, joint pain. Jean Claude Tardiff, director of the Montréal Heart Institute Research Center, said, “Given the current epidemic, waiting for mass immunity from vaccination, treatment is needed to prevent complications of the disease among patients infected with Covid-19.” He also said, “Our research has shown that colchicine can be used to reduce the risk of complications in some patients infected with Kovid-19.” Researchers used placebo and oral drugs for human trials in Canada, South Africa, South America, the US and Canada.

May reduce the need for hospitalization

They included 4,488 patients over the age of 40 suffering from Kovid-19 at the time of starting the trial. Among them, at least one risk factor for increasing the complexity of Kovid-19 was identified such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity. Patients were randomly assigned 0.5 mg of colchicine once daily for three days followed by 0.5 mg once daily, and one group was given a placebo for 30 days. The results showed that in people who had confirmed COVID-19 infection with a PCR test, the use of the drug reduced the risk of both hospitalization or death for Kovid-19 by about 25 percent. The most obvious benefit was seen in men over the age of 40 with at least one risk factor for the disease, who are at a higher risk of complications from Kovid-19 than women. Adverse effects were reported in 4.9 percent of patients in the colchicine group, compared to 6.3 percent of patients in the placebo group. However, the researchers also said that the results are not the final conclusion and further research is needed.

Disclaimer: Method described in this article, ABP News does not corroborate the methods and claims. Take these only as suggestions. Before implementing any such treatment / medicine / diet, please consult the doctor.

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