There was a human settlement here 15 thousand years ago: Claim of finding thousands of years old stone tools on the banks of Arpa river of Bilaspur


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Among the stones that have been found are Quadsite, Sandstone and Jasfar. Claims that these stones belong to the earliest times of the Stone Age.

  • Handaxes, cleavers, points and other things in tools, claimed for use in digging, sawing
  • It is said that when man did not have knowledge of script, metal was not tested, then he used to work with it.

The remains of the Stone Age have been found on the banks of the Arpa river in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. These include stone tools like handaxes, cleavers, points and more. These have been collected by Dr. Vinay Tiwari, Professor of Anthropology (Anthropology) at Jashpur. They claim that these tools are more than 15 thousand years old. Its work was done in digging, peeling, cutting and other works. This suggests that human culture was inhabited during the Paleolithic period along the Arpa.

Dr. Vinay Tiwari, a resident of Torwa, Bilaspur, is a professor in a government college in Jashpur.

Dr. Vinay Tiwari, a resident of Torwa, Bilaspur, is a professor in a government college in Jashpur.

Three reasons behind this claim

  • The Arpa River has a rich history. Many years ago, when this area was a forest, the river certainly used to flow. Apart from the wild animals living here, its water was used by the people of the Stone Age.
  • Fish, including tubers in the forest, were readily available for food and other prey items. Due to which the fact of human settlement here seems to have merit.
  • Availability of equipment and raw material. Through these they must have done hunting and other things of everyday life.
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Discussion with geologists, will check how old the tool is

Professor Tiwari says that he has spoken to the officials of the Geology Department of Raipur in this regard. In the coming days, it will be a matter of research that how old these stones and tools are. He told that among the stones that have been found, there is Quadzite, Sandstone and there is jaspher. It is said that this stone belongs to the oldest period of the Stone Age. For which he will soon meet the officials of Raipur and ask them to investigate.

Professor says – such stones are not made by nature, it is made by humans

Dr. Vinay Tiwari, a resident of Torwa, Bilaspur, is a professor in a government college in Jashpur. He has been teaching since 2012. Earlier, he used to teach in Ravi Shankar University of Raipur. His special interest has also been in knowing history. Whenever he went out for a walk in the morning while coming to Bilaspur, his eyes would fall on such stones. They would collect it. It is said that the kind of stone tools they have collected are not made by nature, but by the needy people.

The stones found on the banks of Arpa are evidence that human culture lived here during the Stone Age. These are great tools. Will check how old it is.
– RK Bhagat, Archaeologist, Department of Archeology, Chhattisgarh

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