Tata Ace Gold Diesel Minitruck | Tata Ace Gold became the trust of millions of customers | ‘Tata Ace Gold’ becomes the trust of millions of customers


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Talking about the mini truck category, the name of Ace Gold of Tata Motors comes at the top. This commercial vehicle popularly known as Chhota Hathi has given a powerful means of earning to many people. Tata Motors makes six claims from Ace Gold which include better mileage, more power and pickup, higher load carrying capacity, more comfort, easier maintenance and higher earnings. To know the features of this vehicle available with diesel, petrol and CNG fuel in the Indian market, definitely read the full article:

Price of each variant

So first of all let’s talk about its price. The company price of petrol variant S Gold starts from Rs 4 lakh 60 thousand, price of diesel from Rs 5 lakh 48 thousand and price of CNG from Rs 5 lakh 61 thousand.

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Product Features

-Higher power and pickup in BS6 variant as compared to BS4 in heavy conditions.

– Ace Gold Diesel comes with 20 HP (compared to 16 HP in BS4) and Ace Gold Petrol 30 HP (Ace Gold Petrol is new in BS6) and 26 HP with Ace Gold CNG (21 HP in BS4).

-It comes with three different weight capacities. Its chassis and leaf spring suspension have been strengthened.

The strong chassis and leaf spring suspension make the Tata Ace Gold diesel even more load-carrying.

It delivers better mileage than other vehicles in its class, thanks to its gear shift advisor and eco (petrol only) switch.


– Improved steering wheel and comfortably placed ABC pedals provide good driving comfort. The digital cluster helps the customer to understand the vehicle in detail.

– Brake Booster reduces braking effort and makes the drive more comfortable, no matter the road.

-Good speed of train helps in delivery of goods in shortest time

It gets more ground clearance, due to which the driving remains comfortable even when the road is bad and the vehicle runs smooth.

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Big advantage of little elephant

There is very little maintenance on it. The company offers a warranty of two years or 72000 on it, which includes running of 100 kilometers per day. The cost of its spare parts is very low and its availability is everywhere. Tata is always connected with its customers through a large service network. Chhota Hathi i.e. Ace Gold’s family has become 23 lakh people.

financial facility

Customers are helped to buy this vehicle at very low down payment and cheap interest rate.

how much will you earn

According to an average estimate, a customer of Tata Ace Gold can earn up to 25 thousand rupees every month very comfortably. It is said that an elephant does not need a road, just like the Tata Ace Gold makes its own way and calmly leaves a proud smile on the faces of millions.

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