Sun Will Join Mrigshira Nakshatra From 8th June 2021 Solar Eclipse Also Will Occur


Suryadev, the lord of the solar system and the presiding deity of the planets, will enter Mrigashira constellation on June 8, 2021, at 6.40 am on Tuesday morning. The entry of the friendly planet Mars in the constellation on Tuesday will enhance the influence of the Sun. In this constellation, the Sun God will also have an eclipse on June 10. In this way, the Mrigashira constellation will witness important astronomical events in the coming days. The Sun will stay here till June 21. June 21 is the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. After this the day becomes shorter and the night becomes longer. Mrigashira Nakshatra is responsible for solar eclipses and major events in the central geographic regions.

Mrigashira Nakshatra consists of three stars. In this, two stars represent the deer’s eyes and one head. Half of Mrigashira comes in Taurus and the remaining part comes in Gemini. Its deity is Moon and planet lord is Mars. The combined effect of Sun, Moon and Mars on this Nakshatra makes it impressive. Also the ruling planets of Taurus and Gemini are Venus and Mercury respectively. Thus, due to the influence of five planets, the Sun’s travel in Mrigashira Nakshatra will bring unexpected results. Everyone should increase their positive effect by offering Arghya to the Sun on these days. Sun is the giver of wealth and opulence. Their intensity will be an indicator of severe heat in North India. As a result, good monsoon comes.


On June 10, the Kankanakriti solar eclipse will start from 1:42 am in the day. The middle of the eclipse will be at 3.30 pm. Moksha i.e. completion of the eclipse will happen at 5:4 pm Due to the effect of eclipse, the signs of air and earth elements will be mainly. The effect on the signs of fire and water elements will be normal and positive. Due to non-visible solar eclipse in India, religious beliefs related to it will not be effective. Sutak will also not be valid. However, in the solar eclipse, Sutak is considered 12 hours before.


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