Speed ​​of second wave of Corona in the country: Peak came in 67 days, 63% cases decreased in 24 days; If this trend continues, then from June 10, less than 50 thousand cases can come every day.


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One hour agoAuthor: Abhishek Dixit

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The outcry caused by the second wave of Corona in the country is slowly coming to a halt. Corona’s speed can be gauged from the fact that on March 1, there were 12,270 cases in the country. After 67 days i.e. on May 6, this figure increased by 34 times to cross 4.14 lakhs. This was the time when there was an outcry for oxygen, ventilators in the country. People were wandering from rate to rate for drugs like Remadecivir.

After this, the decreasing cases of corona gave a sigh of relief to the people and the government. The special thing is that at the speed with which the cases were increased, they are also decreasing at the same speed. After May 6, that is, if we talk about the last 24 days, the daily cases have come down by 63% to 1.53 lakhs.

If we look at the trend of decreasing cases of corona, then for the last several days, there is a decrease of around 10 thousand in the number of daily cases. If the same trend continues for the next 10 days, then after June 10, less than 50 thousand cases will come in the country every day. After this, this figure will further decrease in the coming days.

Death figures raised concern
The cases of corona are decreasing continuously, but the death figures have raised concerns. On March 1, only 92 deaths were recorded in the country. This figure also reached beyond 4500 in the second wave. Even now the number of daily deaths in the country is not coming down below 3500.

If you try to understand the scary figures of death month-wise, then in March, 5,766 people died due to corona in the country. After this, in April this figure increased to 48,879. In May, the deaths gained further momentum and during this a record one lakh 14 thousand 159 people died of corona.

Cases increased with the first testing, then started declining
As the government increased testing during the second wave. The numbers of new infected began to increase. For example, on March 1, 7.59 lakh tests were done and 12,270 infected were identified. After this, talking about 31 March, the tests were increased to 11.25 lakh and on this day 72 thousand infected were found. On May 6, 4.14 lakhs were the most infected in the country.


After this, as the government increased the tests, the cases of corona decreased. The highest number of 22.17 lakh tests were conducted in the country on May 25 and 2.08 lakh infected were identified on this day. Now on an average 2 lakh more tests are being done daily and the number of new cases has come down to 2 lakhs.

The condition of 6 states in the second wave
1. Maharashtra

Maharashtra has been hit the most by Corona in the country. So far 57.13 lakh people have come under the grip of infection. Here in March, corona was confirmed among 6.57 lakh people. After this, in April and May, this figure crossed 17 lakhs. The highest number of 68,631 cases were reported here on April 18, which has now come down to below 20 thousand.

2. Uttar Pradesh
Even in the largest state in terms of population, the second wave of Corona created a furore. In March, the speed of Corona was quite slow here. At that time, an average of 500 cases were coming here daily. In April, this figure increased to beyond 21 thousand. The highest number of 37,944 cases were reported here on 24 April. Now less than 2000 patients are being found here every day.

3. Chhattisgarh
In Chhattisgarh also the second wave of corona was very dangerous. There were 36,627 cases of corona here in March. In April, this figure increased by 10 times to 3.79 lakh. The highest number of 17,397 cases were reported here on 23 April. This figure has now fallen to 1600.

4. Rajasthan
In Rajasthan too, there were 20 times more cases in April than in March, but here the maximum havoc of Corona wreaked havoc in May. In May, there were 26 times more cases than in March. In March, there were 12,813 cases. At the same time, in May, 3.38 lakh people came under the grip of Corona. The maximum number of 18,298 cases was reported here on 2 May. Now this figure has come down to 2500.

5. Gujarat
Here in March, the corona report of 37,809 people came positive. In April, this figure increased to 2.60 lakhs. In May, around 2.37 lakh people were hit by Corona. The corona was confirmed at 14,605 ​​people here on 30 April. This figure has now come down to less than 2000.

6. Madhya Pradesh
In Madhya Pradesh too, the havoc of Corona put everyone in panic. Here the corona spread 8 times faster in April than in March. In March, where 33,745 people were hit by Corona. At the same time, in April this figure reached 2.67 lakhs. The highest number of 13,601 cases were reported on 25 April, which has now come down to below 1500.

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