Son attacker on Vishvendra for supporting Gehlot: son Anirudh Singh’s tweet after Vishvendra Singh’s statement in favor of Gehlot- betrayal, learned this new word today


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In Rajasthan, politics has been heated by discussions of Vishvendra Singh, who was a staunch supporter of Sachin Pilot, switching to Chief M inister Ashok Gehlot’s camp. Yesterday’s statement of Vishvendra Singh has been linked to his change of camp. Vishvendra Singh’s son Anirudh Singh has targeted his father this time without naming him. Anirudh tweeted late night – Betrayal, learned this new word today. The name may not have been taken, but it is believed that the gesture is on the father’s side.


It is also being said that the differences of the former royal family may deepen on this issue in the coming time. This whole incident is sure to have an impact on the politics of Bharatpur.

Vishvendra Singh had said yesterday that I am with Ashok Gehlot because he has been made Chief Minister by Congress President Sonia Gandhi. I am also with Sachin Pilot. I am acting as a bridge between both Gehlot and Pilot so that the Congress can survive. Today I have spoken to Sachin Pilot, tomorrow also I will go to meet him. I keep meeting both.

Fighting in the former royal family due to change of camp
Recently, Anirudh Singh had opened a front against father Vishvendra Singh on Twitter, accusing him of selling property, behaving violently, ruining the business of friends. It is said that the real root of the quarrel was Vishvendra Singh’s departure in the Gehlot camp. Vishvendra Singh’s wife Divya Singh and son Anirudh Singh are against Vishvendra Singh leaving the pilot camp and joining the Gehlot camp. Family differences came to the fore regarding this matter.

Anirudh Singh favors Saumya Gurjar
Anirudh Singh also questioned the suspension of Jaipur Greater Mayor Soumya Gurjar and wrote, ‘I think he is a Gujjar so he was targeted. Actually, Vishvendra Singh’s wife Divya Singh is a Gurjar, this factor has been increasing his political power.

Anirudh takes a jibe at Vishvendra Singh’s changing loyalties
After Vishvendra Singh’s statement, Anirudh Singh took a jibe at him, ‘Rajesh Pilot ji to Bhairon Singh ji, there Vasundhara ji, Vasundhara ji to Gehlot Sahib, Gehlot Sahib to Pilot Sahib, Pilot Sahib to Gehlot Sahib.’ Through this till now Vishvendra Singh’s changing political allegiances have been taunted, how he kept going to different leaders’ camp and then leaving them and catching new camps.

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