Solar Eclipse Surya Grahan Is Tomorrow Read Here Every Information Eclipse Ring Of Fire And Next Total Solar Eclipse In India


Solar Eclipse 10 June 2021 In India: The first solar eclipse of the year is happening on Thursday, June 10. 15 days after the lunar eclipse, the solar eclipse is the second eclipse of the year. Second eclipse within 15 days is not considered auspicious. Know here important information related to solar eclipse-

nature of the sun
In astrology, the Sun is considered the factor of the soul. Father has got the status of Surya. The weakness of the Sun leads to a decrease in the confidence of the person. Sun is considered as the king of all the Navagrahas.

Sun is a storehouse of energy (Sun Earth Distance in Km)
According to science, the sun is considered a storehouse of energy. The Sun is at the center of the Solar System. the earth goes round the sun. The distance of the Earth from the Sun is about 114 crore 96 lakh kilometers.

Solar Eclipse on Shani Jayanti (Shani Jayanti 2021)
Solar eclipse is taking place after 148 years on the day of Shani Jayanti. June 10 is the new moon day of Jyeshtha month. Shani Jayanti is celebrated on the new moon day of Jyeshtha.

Where will the Sun be visible (Solar Eclipse Countries)
The solar eclipse will be visible in large parts of North America, northern Canada, Europe and Asia, Greenland, Russia. Although annular in Canada, Greenland and Russia, while most parts of North America, Europe and North Asia will only see a partial solar eclipse.

Solar Eclipse 2021 in India
Solar eclipse will start on June 10 at 1:42 pm and will end after 5 hours at 6.41 pm.

Solar Eclipse in India
According to the almanac and astrology calculations, this solar eclipse will be partial in India. But will be fully visible in parts of Northeast America, Europe, North Asia and North Atlantic Ocean.


Sutak time is not valid (Solar Eclipse Sutak Time)
The rules of Sutak period will not be followed in this solar eclipse. When there is a partial solar eclipse, the Sutak period is not valid. Sutak period is more effective in total solar eclipse. Sutak begins 12 hours before the solar eclipse.

There will be a solar eclipse in Taurus (Solar Eclipse Impact On Zodiac Signs)
Solar eclipse is going to take place in Taurus and Mrigashira constellation. Therefore, solar eclipse will have a special effect on the people born in Taurus and Mrigashira constellation. These people need to take special precautions to avoid the effects of solar eclipse. The effect of eclipse is on all the zodiac signs.

Ring Of Fire
When the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth on the new moon day, a solar eclipse occurs. At the same time, when the shadow of the Moon completely covers the Sun in this situation, then it is called a total solar eclipse. But when the Sun’s shadow is bigger than the Moon, and the Moon’s shadow does not completely cover the Sun’s shadow, then in this situation the Sun appears in the shape of a silver shining pebble or a ring. That is why it is also called annular eclipse.

When is the next solar eclipse? (Next Total Solar Eclipse in India)
This year the first solar eclipse is happening on 10 June 2021. It is not considered as a total solar eclipse. The last solar eclipse of this year will take place on 4 December 2021.

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