Solar Eclipse 2021 In India Timings Pregnant Women Should Keep These Things In Mind During Solar Eclipse On 10th June


The light on Earth is due to the Sun. But when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, it is called Solar Eclipse 2021. It is considered an important event both scientifically and spiritually, which has an impact on everything on the earth, especially on humans. There will be a total of 4 eclipses this year, out of which 2 are Solar Eclipse and the first Solar Eclipse of the year is going to take place on 10th June. According to astrology, certain rules must be followed at the time of eclipse. Especially pregnant women. We will tell you those special things in detail, but first know some special things related to the solar eclipse falling on June 10.

how long solar eclipse

Solar eclipse will start on 10th June i.e. Thursday at 1:42 pm. And after 5 hours it will be completed at 6.41 pm. Sutak starts 12 hours before the solar eclipse. But the special thing is that this eclipse will not be visible in India, so neither the Sutak period will be valid here nor will there be any kind of obstruction in religious events. This eclipse will be visible in America, South Africa, Australia and Atlantic.


Pregnant women should keep these things in mind

Even though this solar eclipse will be a penumbral eclipse and will not be visible in India. Despite this, astrologers advise pregnant women to take care of certain things and not ignore them. According to which –

  • One should take a bath before the eclipse starts.
  • Remember the Lord as much as possible during the eclipse.
  • Avoid anger, condemnation and bad deeds during the eclipse period.
  • Do not use sharp objects like scissors, knives etc.
  • Keep arms and legs straight, do not bend them.
  • Chant Surya Mantras.

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