Sibal’s two targets with one arrow: Jitin Prasada said on joining BJP – this is possible only after I die with me; Message to the high command – now is the time to listen to us


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A day after Jitin Prasada left the Congress and joined the BJP, discussions have started once again regarding the internal discord within the Congress. Meanwhile, senior party leader Kapil Sibal has categorically refused to take a step like Jitin Prasada, that is, to join the BJP. Sibal has even said that this can happen only after his death. Sibal said this in a conversation with news channel NDTV on Thursday.

However, Sibal has described Jitin’s decision as ‘Prasad Ram Politics’. He says that this is not a decision taken because of ideology but for personal gain. But Sibal, while hitting two targets with one arrow, has once again given a message to the party high command that now is the time to listen to them.

Sibal’s comment assumes significance as Sibal is one of the 23 senior Congress leaders (G-23) who wrote to Sonia Gandhi last year, stating the need for major changes in the party. Jitin Prasada was also included in these leaders. In such a situation, with Prasad’s joining BJP, speculation has started whether any more from the disgruntled G-23 of Congress can also join BJP?


Sibal said – there is a dire need for reforms in Congress
Sibal has said that there is a dire need of reforms in the Congress and the party leadership will now have to listen. It was inconceivable that a person like Jitin Prasada would join BJP. If someone feels that he is not getting anything even after the issues are resolved, he will leave. Jitin may also have reasons to leave the party. For this I am not blaming him but for the reason he has joined BJP.

Sibal said that I am sure the leadership is aware of the problems and hope they will listen. Because without listening nothing can happen. No corporate structure can survive without listening. It is the same in politics. If you don’t listen your bad days will start.

MP Congress’s tweet- Jitin’s passing is like going to the dustbin

Although this tweet was later removed from the Twitter handle of Madhya Pradesh Congress, Jitin Prasad has reacted to it saying that small minded people remain small. Everyone is free to criticize. I will accept every criticism as prasad. I am sure that my decision is right and in the interest of the country.

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