Shruti Haasan on target of trollers: Actress trolled for wearing black lipstick, said – people say what happened to you, you look like a witch


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People on social media called Bollywood actress Shruti Haasan a witch. Shruti is known in the industry for her looks. She loves black and dark lipsticks, so many times she is seen sharing photos with lipsticks of this color. But now in an interview, Shruti told how trollers had given her negative comments on social media regarding the shade of her lipstick. At the same time, he told that a troller had even called him a witch.

Shruti likes to wear black lipstick

Shruti said during the conversation in an interview, “So, I will continue, I am not going to do it for any role or film unless there is a demand for it. I will not like it just like this or black. I will put on lipstick and go out of my house in the summer. I would love to do it, but I think it will be too much. But if my mood goes for it and I feel like doing it, I will do it I will.”

Shruti likes gothic subculture

Shruti also said that people have a lot of misconceptions about her as she likes the Gothic subculture. Shruti said, “I think there is a lot of misconception for me because I grew up in an idealistic way and I love the whole metal scene, I love the goth subculture.”

Shruti replied on being called a witch

Shruti also replied on being called a witch for wearing black lipstick and said that she completely agrees with the comment, as she takes it as a compliment. Shruti said, “I just love that whole aesthetic. I get comments like what has happened to you, you look like a witch. I say it is okay yes it is good… it is cool because witches are filthy so i like these I aspire to be an end role witch… so that’s great for me.”

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