Shock to Trump: Biden lifts ban on China’s apps, White House said – we will take a decision after considering the matter afresh


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US President Joe Biden made a big decision before leaving for his first foreign trip. For the time being, he has removed the ban on Chinese apps in the US. This ban was imposed by former President Donald Trump on January 5. Then a total of 9 Chinese apps including Tiktok were banned. Trump had called these apps a threat to the security of American citizens and America.

Biden’s move cannot be said to be news of much relief for China. The reason for this is that the White House is now preparing a strategy for China’s apps and companies anew. The White House said- We are considering the matter afresh and will take the right decision soon.

Now there will be a complete review
The Biden Administration has canceled Trump’s executive order, but the relief for China may not last long. The reason for this is the statement of the White House. It said – We are closely investigating those apps controlled from other countries, which may threaten America, its people and their data.

The White House further said – Strong steps will be taken in this regard, so that it can be decided that our country does not face any threat from the apps controlled from other countries. The name of China has also been taken in the statement. Trump had banned 9 Chinese apps including WeChat and Tiktok. The companies challenged this in court. The matter is pending. Tiktok refused to say anything on this decision.


what is possible next
According to the ‘New York Times’, in 2019, Trump started cracking down on Chinese companies. He ordered American companies not to use equipment made abroad. It is believed that Biden may have just stayed Trump’s order, but very soon he will take a more strict decision. One reason for this is also the growing opposition to China in America. However, it is not yet clear what action the administration will take if an app is found to be dangerous for the security of the country. It is also not clear whether Chinese apps will restart in the US as soon as Trump’s order is revoked, and if so, for how long.

These apps were banned
Trump on Alipay, CamScanner, QQ Wallet, SHAREit, Tencent QQ, VMate, WeChat Pay and WPS Office was. Earlier, Tiktok was banned.

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