See this VIDEO of MP minister: Silavat in Indore asked the woman who came to get the vaccine – do you recognize? The woman said – Kamal Nath!, the minister said – Hey! Shivraj or Scindia would have said..


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The minister reached the Silavat Vaccination Center, the woman called him Kamal Nath.

Sometimes things happen that we can’t even imagine. However, these give people a good chance to laugh. Something similar happened with Madhya Pradesh Water Resources Minister Tulsi Silavat on Friday. He had come to visit the ongoing Drive In Vaccination Center in Indore.

He asked a woman who came here to get the vaccine – do you recognize me, the woman also answered quickly – Kamal Nath. Hearing this, the minister was a little hesitant at first, then laughed and said – Hey, only Shivraj or Scindia would have said.

it’s in the video
The minister had come to visit Tulsi Silavat Drive-in Vaccination Center. Here he saw a couple getting the vaccine while sitting on a bike. On this, the minister said from afar that get the vaccine. After this, he went near and asked the woman sitting behind in the bike, do you recognize me? Who am I? On this the woman said that Kamal Nathji… The minister laughed and raised his hands and said that he is gone now… Kamal Nathji…. Hey, tulsi silvat, shivraj ji balti, scindia ji balti…. Everyone laughed at this. The woman also tried to bow down to Silvat with a laugh, but she said no-no son, that’s it….


The woman tried to touch the feet of the minister, the minister asked her to get the vaccine comfortably.

Patwari had asked the old man – what was lacking in the Kamal Nath government?
During the by-election campaign for the assembly, in Indore itself, Patwari had brought the elderly woman in front of the media. After this he said – this is our grandmother. To be honest, we owe you, I am your grandson. What are the shortcomings of the Kamal Nath government.

Grandmother said hurriedly – there were many shortcomings. On this Patwari said- Like. Dadi said – there were many shortcomings, then the patwari said – like… to this the grandmother said – I do not remember this, but there were many shortcomings. All the people present there started laughing at this.

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