See four-storey house on a tree: IITian in Udaipur built a four-storey house on a mango tree without cutting a twig, its stairs also run remotely


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  • Build A Four Storey House, But Did Not Cut Even A Twig: Unique Tree House Built By IIT Engineer In Udaipur, Rests On A Mango Tree, The Stairs Leading Inside Also Run Remotely

Udaipur17 minutes agoAuthor: Smit Paliwal

A unique house in Udaipur, the city of lakes in Rajasthan, has become an example in the country and the world for environmental protection. We are talking about the unique tree house of environmental savvy engineer KP Singh, which has been standing on a mango tree for the last 20 years. Singh’s house is four storeyed. After making it, KP Singh has not cut even a single branch of it.

The tree has been made without thorns, every corner of the house.

both the tree and the house are safe
Engineer KP Singh built this tree house in 2000. Since then till today both this tree and the house are safe. Tourists coming to see the beauty of Udaipur are also attracted towards this unique house. Engineer KP Singh has used the tree branches in the same form instead of cutting them in this house of his dreams. For example, a branch has been given the form of a sofa, while some have been given the form of a TV stand.

Mangoes come in every season
This house has been designed according to the branches of the tree. It has all the amenities like a house built on the ground including kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining hall. Tree branches come out from the kitchen bedroom etc. Because of this, fruits also grow at home.

Kitchen and dining in tree house.

Kitchen and dining in tree house.

To save the tree, a house built on a tree
KP Singh told that in 1999 he started looking for land to build a house in Udaipur. During this, the colonizer in Sukher area showed him a land amidst lush green trees. The colonizer said that trees would have to be cut to build a house here. On which KP Singh said that he will not make a house by cutting the tree but on the tree itself.


For some years this house was two floors. Which was later extended to four floors. KP Singh says that due to the house on the tree, sometimes animals and birds also come to the house. But now it has become a habit to live with them too. For they have not made our place, but we have built our house in their place.

tree house key Features
This house starts from 9 feet above the ground, which goes up to a height of about 40 feet. The stairs leading to the tree house are also remotely run. Cement was not used anywhere in the construction of this house. It is made of steel structure, cellular and fiber sheet.

A special library has been built in the tree house.

A special library has been built in the tree house.

house built using fiber sheet
KP Singh explains that the design of the tree house has been kept like the shape of the tree branches. One of the specialties of this house is that when the strong wind blows, it seems that it is swinging. The special thing is that big holes have been left everywhere for the tree to grow. So that the branches of the tree can also get sunlight and they can grow in their natural form.

KP Singh's family members resting in the tree house.

KP Singh’s family members resting in the tree house.

One gets relief by staying amidst oxygen
Kamal, who lives in this house, told that the shortage of oxygen has increased throughout the country during this period of corona infection. But only nature can provide us 24 hours more free oxygen. In such a situation, we can stay healthy and safe only by saving nature and staying in the midst of nature. Keeping this in mind my father built this house 20 years ago. Which today is providing oxygen not only to our family, but to several hundred people living nearby.

This unique tree house is recorded in the Limca Book of Records.  It is also preparing to enter the Guinness World Records.

This unique tree house is recorded in the Limca Book of Records. It is also preparing to enter the Guinness World Records.

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