Season to conquer the highest peak: 408 climbers and 500 Sherpas from 43 teams completed the climb of Mount Everest this year


3 hours agoAuthor: Abhay Raj Joshi for Bhaskar from Kathmandu

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This rare photo of a row of climbers has been taken by Mingma Dorchi Sherpa.

The season to scale Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, has ended on Thursday. This time only 408 people of 43 teams were given permits to climb from Nepal side. More than 500 Sherpas participated to help him. This is the lowest number of climbers in a season in recent history.

Base camp liaison officer Gyanendra Shrestha told that this year due to ‘Taute’ and ‘Yas’ storms, climbers got only a few days to climb. However, the figures of how many people climbed Everest will be released after verification of the claims of the climbers.

Sherpas, who have organized the expedition to Everest, say that many people have given up their climb for fear of Kovid-19. Dozens of Sherpas are also believed to have been infected. However, the government has been denying the news of the Corona explosion on Everest.


This picture was made between Base Camp 3 to 4
Describing the story behind this photo, Mingma says that he had reached the basecamp on May 21. A day later he started his journey. One has to pass through 4 camps to reach the summit. This photo of the queue in Everest is made during the climb from Camp 3 to Camp 4. Because people from Camp 3 leave for Camp Four at the same time. But due to the varying speed of the climbers, the line gets disintegrated in no time. In such a situation, he came out of the tent early in the morning and positioned himself at the right place for this photo.

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