Safalta Ki Kunji Do Not Spend More Money Than Income Person Becomes Indebted


Safalta Ki Kunji: The key to success says that money plays the role of a friend in times of crisis. Those who accumulate wealth, they do not have to face much trouble in bad times. Chanakya’s Chanakya Niti says that one should recognize the importance of money. Those who do not use money wisely and spend more money than their income, they face problems later. Chanakya has described Lakshmi as the goddess of wealth. According to scholars, the nature of Lakshmi ji is very fickle.

The person should become patient and serious when money comes. The person who forgets his responsibilities and goals when money comes, he has to face problems when the time comes. One should never be arrogant when it comes to money. By doing this the number of enemies increases. Opponents become active.

Lord Krishna also says in Gita that one should stay away from ego. Ego is the biggest enemy of a person. The ego destroys everything. An arrogant person is not seen anywhere with respect. When the money is gone, their close ones distance themselves from them. Therefore, in the matter of money, keep these things in mind-


Don’t spend more money than you earn
Scholars believe that one should be careful in the matter of money. Money saves you from trouble. It should be used with caution and according to need. Those who do not save money, they take trouble with money later. Expenditure of money more than income also causes mental trouble.

keep money safe
Money should be saved. Saving money is a good habit. It should be adopted. Having money keeps a person’s confidence. Self-confidence takes a person to the goal. Wealth should be protected and the importance of money should be known.

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