Russia’s advice to America: President Putin said – Modi and Jinping are responsible leaders, both will resolve mutual issues


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The photo is from the G-20 summit held in Osaka, Japan. During that time the three leaders met Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping warmly.

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a statement on Saturday on the ongoing dispute between India and China. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping are responsible leaders. Both of them are capable of resolving mutual issues. There is no need for any interference between India and China. This statement of Putin is being considered as the advice given to America in gestures.

In fact, China has objections to the recently formed organization of 4 countries India, America, Japan and Australia. He says that through this America is increasing interference in this area. Through this organization, he wants to control Beijing’s influence in the strategically important Indo-Pacific region. The presence of America in this organization is the reason for China’s objection, because China borders India, Japan and Australia, but not America.

Russia is also critical of the Quad organization
Russia has already criticized this organization. Now Putin has said how a nation gets involved in taking initiative in matters between two or more countries or how it builds relationships with those countries. It is not for Russia to decide or assess this. However, if any partnership should be done against any other country, it is also not right.

On India’s joining the Quad organization, Putin said that China claims that this organization was created against it and to control Beijing’s influence in the Indo-Pacific region. However, this will not affect the mutual relations that Russia has with India and China. There will be no contradiction between them.

Tension persists between neighboring countries on some issues: Putin
The Russian President said that I know that the relationship between India and China is not right on some issues. But such things keep going on between neighboring countries. I personally know Prime Minister Modi and Chinese President Jinping. I know his nature too. Both are responsible leaders and treat each other with full respect. They maintain each other’s dignity. I am sure that whatever issue comes in front or between the two, they will find a solution for it. The most important thing in this is that it should not come in the middle of any other region’s country.

America considers India an important partner
Recently, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin described India as an important partner to meet the challenges in the Indo-Pacific region. At the same time, it was said to give priority to mutual relations between the two countries. Pentagon spokesman John Curby said of Austin’s opinion that he was very keen to work on the initiative to do so. He said Austin sees India as an important partner, especially when you consider all the challenges in the Indo-Pacific region.

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