Russian scientists in refuge of Buddhist monks: Tibetan Buddhist monks will tell how to travel pleasantly in space, techniques like deep meditation, deep sleep will cause less harm to the body


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  • Tibetan Buddhist Monks Will Tell How To Travel Pleasantly In Space, Techniques Like Deep Meditation, Deep Sleep Will Cause Less Harm To The Body

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Russian astronauts studying 100 Buddhist monks with permission from the Dalai Lama.

Russian space scientists these days are taking refuge in Tibetan Buddhist monks, but not for peace of mind, but to learn how they manage to stay in a semi-dormant state for weeks, engage in a state of deep meditation, and return to normal. kind of come. Their knowledge of these ancient methods will be useful for travelers in future long-distance space missions.

Scientists from Moscow State University are conducting this study on 100 Tibetan monks. The head of the long-range space mission and the Mars-500 mission leader, Prof. According to Yuri Babayev, the hibernation conditions maintained by the monks would prove to be crucial during missions such as Mars.

Pro. Babayev’s team is specifically studying claims such as tukdam (posthumous meditation). In this the monks are declared medically dead, yet they sit upright for weeks without decay. That is, even after so many days, their body does not show any foul smell or o ther symptoms like dead.


Apart from this, it is very effective for us to use changed states of consciousness, because with its help the speed of metabolism can be changed. These states are achieved with the help of several hours of meditation, solitude and chanting. It gives deep concentration. Pro. Babayev said that we are looking for every possible way, which can help us. He said the study was started only after the permission of the Dalai Lama. However, it got delayed due to the pandemic.

Russian astronauts believe that the methods and techniques used by Tibetan monks could prove to be a boon for long-duration space travel. Pro. According to Babayev, these methods will help people fulfill the dream of going to space without causing much harm to the body.

Astronauts will feel less tired, there will be no mutual conflict

The team of scientists is also investigating what kind of electrical activity occurs in the brains of monks in a state of deep meditation. Researchers believe that with deep meditation, the mind can be completely free from external disturbances. Currently, the team is working with NASA on an alternative to ‘deep sleep’ during space flight. In this situation, the radiation resistance will increase by stopping the metabolism. The chances of friction in the tight environment of the spacecraft will also be less. Passengers will feel less tired and there will be no conflict between them during long missions.

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