Robot to take care of Corona patients ready: Robot named Grace will act like a hospital nurse, thermal camera fitted in it will tell the patient’s temperature


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  • A Robot Named Grace Will Act Like A Hospital Nurse, A Thermal Camera Fitted In Its Chest Will Tell The Patient’s Temperature.

New Delhi28 minutes ago

Your care in Corona will now be ‘grace’. A robot will take care of it. Yes, the name of this robot is ‘Grace’. It has been prepared by the Hong Kong company Hanson. The purpose of preparing this female robot is to help the health workers engaged in taking care of corona patients.

Actually, this robot isolate will take care of corona patients just like a nurse. In this way health workers will be protected from infection.

This thermal camera checks the patient’s temperature.
Standing in a blue uniform, Grace Robot’s chest is fitted with a thermal camera. This camera will find out your health by checking the temperature. It understands the patient’s problem through artificial intelligence and responds to it in English, Mandarin and Catonese languages.

‘Grace’ also does bio reading and talk therapy
Hanson, the maker of Grace, has tested its speech at a robotics workshop in Hong Kong. After testing, the company said that ‘Grace’ can walk with people and is capable of giving the necessary readings for treatment. This robot can also help with bio reading, talk therapy and other health care.

‘Grace’ talks like humans
Hanson says it talks like humans. Due to this, it does not look like a robot, but a human like us-you. ‘Grace’ recognizes more than 48 facial expressions. It is designed like an animation character.


Its prices will be reduced soon
According to David Lake, chief of the joint venture of Hanson Robotics and Singularity Studios, the company aims to increase awareness about health. Under this, we are planning to mass-produce the beta i.e. initial version of ‘Grace’. At present, it will be kept in health centers in Japan and Korea along with China. Hanson said that the cost of building the robot has come to the cost of a luxury car. However, he did not disclose its price. But it definitely said that the price will be reduced after the fixed target of production.

‘Grace’ will improve mental health
Kim Min-sun, a professor of communication science at the University of Hawaii, has insisted on using this female robot for corona patients. He says that people were stuck at home during the lockdown. People’s mental health has been harmed due to negative thinking. He said that this robot will be very effective, if it makes someone feel like a friend or a caring nurse. This will have a positive impact on the society.

Earlier the company had made Sofia
In 2017, the humanoid robot Sofia got citizenship like ordinary people. At the same time, it became the first innovation champion in the development program of the United Nations. Sophia was also used to take care of corona patients from 2021 i.e. current year. It understands more than 50 facial expressions.

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