Revealed from official document: 24 Pakistani women with children lodged in Afghan jails, their ties with IS and other terrorist organizations


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A female guard and a child sitting outside walk into a prison in Kabul. (file)

24 women of Pakistan are currently lodged in different jails of Afghanistan. These women also have children with them. The women are accused of having links with terrorist organizations and helping them. It is alleged that most of the Pakistani women present in the jail are associated with the Islamic State Khorasan group. The matter came to light when the government documents of Pakistan were handed over to a news agency. These documents were sent by the Pakistani Embassy in Kabul to their government in Islamabad. The Imran Khan government of Pakistan has not yet given any statement on this issue.

The embassy wrote a letter to the Imran government
According to the news agency, the Pakistan government is trying to suppress the matter. Last week a team of Pakistani officers secretly reached Pul-e-Charkhi Jail in Kabul. There are some Pakistani women imprisoned here, who are accused of working for dangerous terrorist organizations like IS. Some of these women are also such, with whom their children are also in jail.

A few days before this incident, the Embassy of Pakistan wrote a letter to the Foreign Ministry in Islamabad. In this, the information of all the women prisoners and the details of the charges against them were detailed. According to this letter – all women are accused of working for IS.


Imran government will be trapped again
Recently, Imran, Pakistan Army and Foreign Ministry had claimed in separate statements that IS is not active in the country and no Pakistani has any relationship with this organization. Now the Pakistani Embassy has exposed this lie. Not only this, the addresses and phone numbers of all the prisoner women have also been clearly mentioned in this letter. Bloomberg had claimed in two of its reports that Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI had complete information about these women.

What will the Imran government answer in FATF
There is a meeting of the Financial Task Force this month. According to media reports, it is not possible for Pakistan to get out of the gray list this time too. He had to fulfill 27 conditions. Work on 6 of these is yet to be done. Partially on 3, no progress at all on 3. Not only this, the government of Pakistan has also failed to fulfill the conditions of the IMF. The inflation rate in the country is close to 12%.

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