Research claims: Even if someone in the room is infected, you can survive infection for 8 hours … provided the room is ventilated, where everyone is wearing a mask


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  • Even If Someone In The Room Is Infected, You Can Survive For 8 Hours … Provided The Room Is Well Ventilated, Everyone Is Wearing A Mask.

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Understand from this example – 10 people sitting for an hour and a half were found infected in the same place where the windows were closed… all the others survived.

  • Some states are being unlocked from today, in such a time this research gives new hope…

Many states in India are going to be unlocked from today. People will return to work, obviously now more vigilance is necessary. In this case, this research done on the causes of infection can be of your use. Let us understand this from two incidents in China and America. First- 21 people from three families arrived at a restaurant in Guangzhou, China on 24 January 2020.

The same evening a person got fever. The next day Corona came positive and in two weeks 10 out of 21 got infected. The video footage showed that they had no contact during lunch. The second event – a two and a half hour meeting of a music group in Skegit Valley, Washington, in March 2020. There were 61 people in it. Later 53 of these got infected. It was the first recorded ‘superspreading’ event on indoor space.


Researchers in the US and China, while solving the puzzle of superseding, found that the superspreading events recorded by the end of 2020 took place on indoor space itself. The biggest reason for this was the lack of adequate ventilation. These incidents suggest that the world will have to focus on ventilation in managing the next phase of the pandemic, as the world is unlocked.

In July 2020, physicist Dr. Lidia Morawska of the University of Queensland, Australia, created a group of 36 experts. The results of his research are now out. They claim that even if the hall has natural or mechanical ventilation, social distancing and everyone is wearing a mask, the infection will not spread even if they are there for 8 hours.

Check how safe the air is in the room

Dr. Moravska believes that it is necessary to keep checking the air in the room with a carbon dioxide meter. The outdoor atmosphere contains 400 ppm carbon dioxide. Whereas, on the other hand, when a healthy person exhales, it contains 40,000 ppm of carbon dioxide. If there is not enough ventilation in the room, the carbon dioxide level starts to rise.

If air quality experts believe that the carbon dioxide level in the room is less than 500 ppm, then the ventilation is good. 800 ppm means that the people who are breathing are 1% of the air that has come out from someone’s breath. At 4,400 ppm it rises to 10%. This means that the room is extremely dangerous. This situation is less ventilated. To reduce the risk of corona, it is very important to keep the carbon dioxide level in the room below 700 ppm.

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