Record breaking heat in Britain: 4 million people set out towards the sea when 25 degrees Celsius reached; Usually here in May-June, the mercury remains at 14-18 degrees.


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  • When The Record Breaking Heat Reached 25 Degrees In Britain, 4 Million People Set Out Towards The Sea; Usually Here In May June, The Mercury Remains At 14 18 Degrees.

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London7 hours ago

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The photo is of Bournemouth Town in England.

Sunday was the hottest day of the year in Britain. The temperature reached 25 ° C. To escape the scorching heat, 40 lakh people reached the beaches and tourist places for a holiday. Alam was that in most places the parking lot was full. People had to wait for two hours to park the vehicles. Not only this, many people enjoyed the holiday in the parking lot.

According to the British Meteorological Department, the temperature of May-June in Britain usually ranges from 14 to 18 degrees. But on Sunday, a change in temperature was seen after several decades. Scientists estimate that the temperature may reach above 31 degrees Celsius in the first week of June. On the other hand, this crowd is gathering in Britain when Corona cases are increasing there.

Despite the increase in the cases of UK Corona, the crowd is still gathering.

Despite the increase in the cases of UK Corona, the crowd is still gathering.

Cases increased by 27% in a week; Scientists said – these are the signs of the third wave
Here, 27% of cases and 43% of deaths have been reported in the UK after the introduction of a new variant. Scientists are also worried about this. Professor Ravi Gupta of Cambridge University said – ‘There are signs of a third wave in Britain. Corona cases have increased rapidly in the country in the last 10 days. The main reason for this is the new variant. ‘

On the other hand, the final phase of the relaxation of the Corona virus restrictions will come into force on 21 June in England. Regarding this, Professor Gupta warned that if the lockdown was further relaxed in the country, the B1.6172 virus could gain momentum in the UK, which could become a big problem for the country.

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