Rare animal seen in Himachal Pradesh: World’s most venomous snake ‘King Cobra’ seen in Shivalik hills, created panic in wildlife department


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  • The World’s Most Venomous Snake ‘King Cobra’ Was Seen In The Hills Of Shivalik In Sirmour Of Himachal Pradesh

Nahan (Sirmaur)One hour ago

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King cobra roaming the hills.

It is said that everything is found in the mountains. Whether it is rare or seen for the first time. The Wildlife Department is always on the lookout for such unseen things. One such thing was seen in the Shivalik hills present in the Sirmaur district of Himachal.

For the first time in these hills, the world’s most venomous snake king cobra was sighted. The sighting of a king cobra is a big deal for the wildlife department. Praveen Singh Thakur, a resident of Fandi village in Kolar, has shared exclusive pictures of this snake.


When Praveen took pictures of this snake, he himself did not even know that it is the world’s most poisonous snake King Cobra. Praveen Singh went out on the morning walk. His dog Blackie was also with him. He was busy running, but Blackie alerted him to the King Cobra’s presence.

Then Blackie took them to the place where they felt the presence of King Cobra. Praveen saw the snake and then took pictures of it, but he was unaware that it was a king cobra. Praveen told that he sited it only about 100 meters away from the house.

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