Rape case with minor: Divya Khosla said – Pearl should get bail and probe the victim’s parents, after all the law is equal for all


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Pearl V Puri and Divya Khosla Kumar have worked together in a music video Teri Aankhen.

Divya Khosla Kumar, who has been continuously raising her voice for Pearl V Puri, has again raised questions on the parents of the victim on social media. Referring to the problems going on in Pearl’s family, Divya has demanded her bail. Apart from this, in another post, Divya has also questioned the intention of the victim’s parents as to why they are reacting so spontaneously.

Reason for standing with Pearl mentioned in the post
Divya wrote in a post a day ago – Some people are asking me why I am doing all this for Pearl. Pearl’s father passed away a few months back and now her mother is battling the deadly disease. Pearl has no one to fight for her and hire a lawyer for her. His elderly mother cries for her son within seconds. He is ready to fight his case and prove himself innocent, but at least he is released on bail. He is not running anywhere. But why is the human right given to him to protect himself being taken away. Why?

Victim’s parents should also be investigated
In another post on Wednesday, Divya writes – If a 5-year-old girl is raped, will her parents ignore it and continue fighting for custody. The father had complained in 2019, then why did he not pursue the matter further? Why did he keep quiet after getting the custody of the child? Now after two years when his mother is almost about to win the custody case from the lower court, why is he speaking about the case. Why did the mother seem so comfortable in her conversation? No mother, whose daughter has gone through all this, will not come forward to get justice for her daughter, keeping all the troubles aside. She will turn the world upside down. On the contrary, she continued shooting with Pearl.


We want to know the truth from both of them. You realize that you are playing with the life of an innocent, he is being jailed for a non-bailable offence. You call yourself a victim but if you are the real culprit in this case then who will consider Pearl as a victim? We want to get the parents of the victim investigated. After all, the law should be equal for all.

Pearl’s bail plea will be heard on June 11
Pearl V Puri is currently in judicial custody for 14 days. His bail plea will be heard in the Vasai Court on Friday. Sessions Judge Aditi Kadam will hear Pearl’s case. Pearl had applied for bail on Saturday itself. Which appeared before the court on Monday. According to reports, the minor did not tell about the sexual assault, but the police have the victim’s medical report, which is on record.

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