Rahul’s advice to the Center on vaccination: Congress leader said – even those who do not use internet have the right to live; They should be given walk-in registration facility


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  • Rahul Gandhi Vs Narendra Modi Government; Congress Wayanad MP On Covid 19 Vaccine Registration Online For 18+

New Delhi25 minutes ago

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Congress leader and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi has raised questions on online registration before vaccination on Thursday. He has said that online registration is not enough for the vaccine. Everyone who walks-in to the Vaccine Center should get the vaccine. The right to live life belongs to those who do not have internet.

Have surrounded the government on Corona
Last month, Rahul had launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Rahul had said that the Prime Minister’s gimmick is responsible for the second wave of Corona. They could not even understand Corona. The death rate reported in the country is also a lie. The government should speak the truth.

The government was accused of vaccination
1. Government’s Vaccine Strategy Failed

Rahul had said that in any of the 4 ways to deal with Corona – Testing, Tracking, Treatment and Vaccination, it would have been the right thing for the government to get 70-80% people vaccinated. But the government failed to anticipate that-

  • How many people will need the vaccine?
  • How many doses of the vaccine need to be ordered?
  • What will be the capacity of the country to make its own vaccine?
  • How many vaccines will have to be ordered from outside and who will place this order?

2. Failure to order vaccine is unforgivable
Rahul had said that other countries had started placing orders for the purchase of vaccines in May 2020. But the Modi government failed India. He placed the first order of the vaccine in January 2021. According to public information, the Modi government and the state governments have so far ordered only 39 crore doses for a population of 140 crore and 94.50 crore people above 18 years. India has the lowest per capita dose purchase among major countries.

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