Preparations to tighten the noose on media in Pakistan


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  • The Media Will Not Be Able To Take A Dig At The Army government In Pakistan, A New Law Will Be Made

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Islamabad/Beijing2 minutes ago

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The Imran Khan government of Pakistan is preparing to tighten the noose on the media. Actually, the Imran government has prepared a proposal for new rules regarding the media. In this, provisions have been made to impose various restrictions and conditions on the media. In this proposal, there is a provision for a fine of 2.5 crores and 3 years imprisonment for speaking against the army or the government? For this, the government wants to bring the Pakistan Media Development Authority Ordinance, 2021.

Under this, along with many laws, a law is also proposed in which the media will be banned from taking sarcasm or taunting the army or the government. Most of the opposition is happening regarding this provision. Since then the opposition to the draft has started. If the law is implemented, then no media will be able to speak against the government or army of Pakistan.

2.5 crore fine, 3 years jail

  • An authority will be set up. It will make rules for all types of media. There will be a total of 11 members and a chairperson. They will be appointed by the President on the advice of the Central Government.
  • All laws related to media in the country will be repealed. All these will be merged with PMDA laws.
  • It is also proposed to set up a Media Tribunal for media related matters. The Tribunal will be headed by a Grade-22 level bureaucrat. This is the highest rank of the Pakistani Civil Service.
  • The draft proposes to make licenses mandatory for operating digital media on the same lines as TV channels. At the same time, rules will also be made regarding Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube channel, video logs.
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Geo News takes off air famous anchor Hamid Mir
Famous anchor Hamid Mir was taken off air by Geo News Channel of Pakistan. His only crime was that he had questioned the Pakistan Army in his show Capital Talk. Geo News did not comment on the incident. Mir has confirmed his removal from the show by messaging the Associate Press.

Earlier in 2014, Hamid Mir was attacked in the port city of Karachi. Some days Mir also gave a speech against the army in a rally. He had recently condemned the attack on journalist Asad Ali Tour. Tour was thrashed badly by three men when they were in their apartment in Islamabad. From May 2020 to April 2021, there have been 148 attacks on journalists in Pakistan.

China jailed blogger for telling truth on Galvan Valley
The Communist government of China is also infamous for its suppression of the media or public voice. In the latest case, he has sent a blogger to jail for eight months, who exposed the truth of the clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers in Galvan Valley. In fact, blogger Chow Jiming had said that 40 Chinese soldiers were killed in the skirmish in Galwan Valley in June 2020.

India had also said the same, Russia’s agency had also justified this figure, while China was telling only 4. Angered by this revelation, China has sentenced Jiming to 8 months in prison. The government has blamed Jiming for defaming Chinese heroes and martyrs.

He is the first person to be convicted under the new security law passed in March. Jiming has more than 2.5 million followers on China’s Sina Weibo microblog. The Nanjing Jianye People’s Court, while passing the sentence, said that Jining should also make a public apology on major platforms and media within 10 days.

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