Power consumption sees 8.2 pc growth in May amid slow recovery in commercial, industrial demand | Electricity consumption declined by 6.4% in May compared to April, the effect of reduction in commercial-industrial demand was visible


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  • Power Consumption Sees 8.2 Pc Growth In May Amid Slow Recovery In Commercial, Industrial Demand

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New Delhi3 hours ago

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  • The entire country consumed 110.47 billion units of electricity in May.
  • There was a 40% growth in electricity consumption in April last month.

Sanctions such as lockdowns imposed by states to prevent a second wave of Corona infection have had an impact on economic activity. There has been a decrease in commercial and industrial activities during this period. This is the reason why electricity consumption has declined by 6.4% in May as compared to April. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Power, electricity consumption in May stood at 110.47 billion units. Whereas in the previous month, in April, 118.08 billion units of electricity was consumed. However, this time there has been a growth of 8.2% in electricity consumption as compared to May 2020.

Commercial-Industrial Demand Shows Impact

Experts say that to prevent the second wave of Kovid, many states have imposed restrictions like lockdown at the local level. Due to this, industrial demand has been low. The slowdown in industrial demand can be attributed to slow recovery. Apart from this, there have been two incidents of cyclone on East and West Coast in May. Due to which there has been a situation of rain in different parts of the country. Due to this also the consumption of electricity has been less in the peak season of summer.


Experts expect demand will increase in the coming days

Experts say that the number of cases of Kovid has started to decline. In such a situation, in the coming days, many states can start easing restrictions like lockdown. Experts expect that the demand for commercial and industrial power consumption will increase in the coming days due to easing of restrictions. In May 2020, there was a consumption of 102.80 billion units of electricity. There was a 15% drop in electricity consumption in May 2020 as compared to May 2019. In May 2019, electricity consumption was 120.02 billion units.

Last year the consumption decreased due to the lockdown

The central government imposed a nationwide lockdown on 25 March 2020 to prevent corona infection. This lockdown was opened in a phased manner. But economic and commercial activities were severely affected by this. As a result, power consumption in the commercial and industrial segments in the country was very low. Experts say that given the poor performance of 2020, power consumption in May this year has not been much better. Whereas in April 2021 there was a 40% growth in electricity consumption on an annual basis.

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