PM took stock of preparations for Olympics: assured to provide all facilities to the players, will talk to them himself through video conferencing


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  • Assured To Provide All Facilities To The Players, Will Talk To Them Himself Through Video Conferencing

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The PM told that he will talk to the Indian athletes going to participate in the Olympics in July.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday held a review meeting on India’s preparations for the Tokyo Olympics. In the meeting, the Prime Minister said that all the needs of the players, including the corona vaccination, would be met on priority. He said that during the Olympics, the prayers of 135 crore countrymen will be with the Indian players.

Will talk to players in July
In a message issued, the Prime Minister said that he will talk to the Indian players participating in the Olympics in July through video conferencing. He said that sports is at the heart of India’s national character and the youth of the country is developing a strong and diverse sports culture. The Prime Minister said that every Indian player who shines at the international level attracts thousands of youth to the sport in the country and inspires them to take up the sport.


Meanwhile, the PMO said that during the meeting, the officials informed the Prime Minister about the vaccination status of the players and the support staff. At the same time, PM Modi directed that all athletes, support staff and officials traveling to Tokyo Olympics should be vaccinated at the earliest.

100 athletes have qualified, 25 more can qualify
The Prime Minister’s Office said that in the meeting, the Prime Minister was informed that a total of 100 Indian athletes have qualified for the Tokyo Olympics in 11 sporting events and about 25 more athletes are likely to qualify. Apart from these, 26 para athletes have also qualified and 16 more para athletes are likely to qualify. The Tokyo Olympics is scheduled to be held from July 23 to August 8 this year after being postponed in 2020 due to the Kovid-19 pandemic.

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